Ensure car safety with Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray

Road safety is a collective effort which involves not just the authorities but also the motorists themselves. To help avoid accidents, it is best to check the condition of the car before taking it out for a ride.

The Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray, a Pioneer Automoto product, is an important item to complete one’s car toolbox and to help ensure car safety. The Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray drives out moisture, protects against runs, lubricates, and cleans and loosens rusty parts. It starts wet motors and prevents squeaks.

An automotive lubricant has two essential roles to play. The first one is to control friction and wear. Instead of interacting car parts having metal-on-metal contact, the lubricating spray provides a film that reduces the friction. Another role of the product is to control temperature. During the interaction of these auto components, the lubricant absorbs the heat, takes it away from the auto parts and dissipates it away.

This specially formulated lemon-scented Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray is best used on a vehicle’s spark plug, battery terminal, engine and wirings. Likewise, it is also applied on a motorcycle’s chain, spark plug and engine and can also be used on boat engines, gun, door hinges, bolt and nuts and as a degreaser.

Contributing to road safety starts with the vehicle owner. Car maintenance and tune up is an important responsibility every car owner needs to take seriously by making sure that automotive lubricants, like the Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray, are present in a car toolbox for safe driving.

Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray is a product of Chemical Industries, Inc. — makers of the trusted brand Pioneer adhesives and sealants such as Mighty Bond, Pioneer Epoxy and Elastoseal. Pioneer RC1 Lubricating Spray is available in leading stores and auto service centers nationwide.

About Republic Chemical Industries, Inc.

Established in 1958, Republic Chemical Industries, Inc. (RCI) is a Filipino-owned manufacturing and distribution company committed to providing excellent service, reliable industrial and household adhesives, sealants, specialty coatings, insulation, packaging and other products. As a testament to its adherence to global quality standards, RCI is1SO 9001:2008 certified and is proactive in its environmental efforts by minimizing its carbon footprint.

Now celebrating over 50 years in the business, RCI has become a multi-million dollar enterprise and a leader in the market place. The Pioneer brand is well-entrenched in the adhesives and sealants market with its category leaders Pioneer Epoxy, Mighty Bond and ElastoSeal all synonymous with high quality products.