• Full cure: 4-6 days

Best to use on

Technical Info

  • Full cure: 4-6 days

How to Use

  1. The surface where the sealant will be applied should be clean and free from oil, grease, and loose particles.
  2. Roughen smooth surfaces to ensure good adhesion.


Ideal for sealing of roof, gutter, flashings, downspouts, drainpipes, and PVC.


  • A single component, toluene-free, high grade roof sealant which cures to form an elastic and weatherproof seal that lasts.
  • Works on dry or wet surfaces. 
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays.
  • Color: Gray


Available in pouches of 100g (Pisilito) and 250g (Pisil) and cans of 4L, 1L and 1/2L 

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